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Loving CurlsHi, I’m Laura and I’m the mastermind behind Loving Curls.

And for sure, I have already experienced exactly that, which is probably why you are on this page right now…I have had curls since birth – and not in short supply. What used to be “angel curls” eventually became dry, straw-like and just plain hard to maintain. I noticed it because my hair felt like it didn’t want to grow. It took years for my curls to grow a few inches.

Today I know that I was just taking care of my hair the wrong way – and that many hairdressers I had visited didn’t know what my hair really needed and how to cut it. I fought for every inch of my hair..and then? Then they were a little longer and I still wore it in a braid most of the time.

A few years ago I started to look into curls and the right hair care. First, I came across the Curly Girl Method, founded by Lorraine Massey. My hair was very grateful for it in the beginning and month after month my curls continued to develop. I’ve written down all my tips on this page…but there’s a bit more….

As a graduate engineer, I am a curious person by nature and I am not satisfied until I have questioned things and understood them in detail. And so I began to approach the subject of curls scientifically. Thousands of ingredient analyses and many hours of research into the biochemical processes of the human body and manufacturing methods of skin and hair care products later, I can assure you that I know exactly what I am talking about. And I simply prepare this information for you on Loving Curls, so that you too can benefit from my knowledge for your hair care – and not waste any time!

On Loving Curls, I show you many important curl care rules that you can use to identify your hair’s needs and discover the right care and styling for you. In addition to many best lists and tips for your product selection, you will get many many styling tips here, with which you can get the best out of your curls very soon. I’m glad you’re here!

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I've been a curly girl since I was little. 💝 But it wasn't until I discovered the right curl care for me that I learned to understand my curls. I'm happy to pass all this on to you - so that you too can learn to love your curls.

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