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I’m Laura and I write this blog with a lot of passion. I’ve experienced exactly, what you are experiencing right now, this is the reason, why you’re on the page right now….

I’ve had curls since birth – and a lot of them. What used to be “angel curls” were at some point difficult to maintain. I noticed it because my hair felt like it didn’t want to grow. It took years for my curls to grow a few inches.

Today I know that I took care of my hair the wrong way – and that many hairdressers I had visited didn’t know what my hair really needed and how to cut it.

I fought for every inch of my hair..and then? Then they were a little longer and I still wore them in a braid most of the time.

One day I had enough of it all. I started to look onto my curls and I began to search for the right hair care. For starters, the book “Beautiful Curls: The Handbook” by Lorraine Massey was just the thing to approach the subject.

And that’s how I came up with the Curly Girl method, for which my hair was very grateful. Month after month, my curls continued to develop and I can understand my hair a lot better now, thank goodness. But see for yourself how my hair has changed within the first six months.

Curly Girl Laura

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I've been a curly girl since I was little. 💝 But it wasn't until I discovered the right curl care for me that I learned to understand my curls. I'm happy to pass all this on to you - so that you too can learn to love your curls.

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