The Best Curly Hair Salons in Manchester

Are you looking for a new hair stylist or salon in Manchester? The search for a new service provider can be a frustrating experience. Finding a stylist you feel comfortable with and trust can be time-consuming.

However, it’s important not to give up! Your perfect stylist is out there. Just continue to look! To help your search, I’ve compiled a list of Manchester’s best curly hair salons to help you quickly find your perfect match!

The Best Curly Hair Salons in Manchester

Your beautiful, unique curls deserve the best care! Treat them right and nurture them at these excellent Manchester-based salons. The salons and stylists in this guide have demonstrated an exceptional understanding of curly hair.

  1. 01 McCrory Hair

    McCrory Hair is an award-winning curly hair salon in Manchester with a solid reputation in the community and the British hair industry, and it’s no surprise why! The salon’s highly-skilled stylists are experts in fashion color, delivering the most stunning results! They also have several curl specialists employed at the salon who follow the Curly Girl Method and are dedicated to giving you the best curl experience possible!

  2. 02 Melissa Timperley Salon

    Melissa Timperley Salons is an excellent place if you’re looking for a salon that champions diversity and inclusion in Manchester (UK). They offer Hijabi, LGBTQ+, and Disability-friendly services, and in devotion to equality, the salon’s pricing is based on your stylist’s experience level and not the client’s gender. The stylists are highly skilled in Vidal Sassoon’s precision cutting technique and can effectively cut and style curly and Afro-textured curls.

  3. 03 Nicky Oliver Hairdressing

    Nicky Oliver Hairdressing Salon is one of the country’s leading salons and has been offering hairdressing excellence to the community since 1990. The salon is staffed with highly skilled stylists who are consistently up-to-date on the newest industry trends and techniques. If you need a stylist to cut and style your curly hair, consider booking an appointment with Nicky, Alison, Laurèl, Theo, or Rebecca! This is one of the best curly hair salons in Manchester!

  4. 04 Olivier Morosini

    Your curls are safe with Olivier! He will ensure you love your hair, whether wavy, curly, or coily. He’s a highly trained artist with over twenty years of experience. He’s a master at his craft and is well-equipped to handle all hair types and textures – safe to say this salon belongs to the best in Manchester for curly hair. Although his services don’t advertise that he’s a curly hair specialist, his official Instagram page displays a ton of excellent curly cuts! 

  5. 05 Peter Regan Hair Studio

    Peter Regan’s Hair Studio in Manchester is perfect if you value privacy and prefer avoiding crowded salons! The private salon suite is run independently and solely by Regan, and he only takes one client at a time. This allows for a very personal and peaceful experience. He’s extremely skilled in handling all hair types, including curly hair of any curl pattern and texture.

  6. 06 Diva Salon

    Diva Salon is a luxury hair salon based in Manchester. Sonya Lowry runs the salon and has over thirty years of professional experience. She’s trained in all aspects of hairdressing and can easily handle all types and textures!

  7. 07 Shade

    If you’re looking for a curly hair salon in Manchester dedicated to reducing its environmental impact, you’ll love Shade. Shade is a part of the Green Salon Collective and only uses products from hair companies that align with their values. In addition to caring for your hair, they include wellness practices such as massage, aromatherapy, and meditation. They’re dedicated to inclusivity and offer robust services that accommodate every hair type and texture!

  8. 08 Denny Hairdressing

    Denny Hairdressing is an excellent salon located in Manchester. The salon is led by Denny, a master at creative cutting and creating elevated fashion-forward looks. The team is renowned for their excellent customer service and offers free consultations to ensure they can take the time to truly uncover their client’s needs and wants! 

  9. 09 Home of Beauty Afro Hair Salon

    Home of Beauty Hair Salon is dedicated to the care and styling of Afro-Caribbean hair or individuals with a tighter texture! The salon is led by Martha, who offers protective styling services such as box braids, cornrows, twists, and weave-in extensions!

  10. 10 The Hair Sanctuary

    Naomi Brooks and her talented stylists lead the Hair Sanctuary. The team’s mission is to create a “sanctuary” where clients can find peace and positivity while being pampered. While the salon caters to all hair types, its services are geared toward curly and coily hair textures. They have a robust list of services, including coloring, texture smoothing services, extensions, and protective styles.

Sometimes, the best way to find a new service provider is through word-of-mouth and genuine testimonials from other consumers. Have you found a curly hair salon or stylist in Manchester that you love? Consider writing a brief review of your experience to help your fellow curlies.

Why should I go to a curly hair care salon?

Curly hair is highly nuanced and unique, requiring an educated stylist who understands what it needs to thrive!

The mishandling and mistreatment of your curls can lead to a disaster, including excessive frizz, breakage, and misshapen cuts that can’t easily be worn in straightened and curly states.

An experienced stylist who understands curly hair should:

  • Have an expansive repertoire of techniques that allows the stylist to cut curly hair wet or dry easily, and both its natural and straightened state.
  • Demonstrate understanding of how to properly cleanse and moisturize curls without stripping their natural moisture.
  • Enhance and set your curls using proper products and application techniques.

What should I look for when choosing a curly hair salon?

Finding a new curly hair salon or a stylist can be extremely difficult. Before choosing a salon, it’s essential to:

Look at their services!
Does the salon offer services tailored to curly hair, such as a curly cut? If so, you’re typically in good hands. If not, look closely at their reviews and portfolio before booking.

Look at their certifications!
Deva Curl is the global leader in curly hair education. You’re typically in good hands if you find a stylist certified through Deva Curl. You can easily find stylists certified in Deva Curl techniques through the Deva Curl website.

Look up reviews!
What are previous and current clients saying? Do they rave about the salon, and what type of service did they receive?

Look at their work!
Observe the stylists’ works with your own eyes by looking at their portfolios or galleries. You can often find their gallery on the website and links to their social media platforms. Don’t hesitate to call the salon and ask if you can also stop by and look at their work!

Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment, and don’t forget to tell your fellow curlies about your experience by writing a testimonial about your experience.

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