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Especially at the beginning of the curl journey, choosing the right products is not easy – so it comes in handy when someone else already knows and sends you the right hair care, right? This is exactly what the founders of Lockenbox (Curly Girl Box) thought and help many curly heads month after month with the appropriate care and styling products. Afterwards you can easily buy your favorite products in the store. It doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

Curly hair is known to require a little richer care in most cases, so that they come out perfectly. The Lockenbox is the next step to the right routine, which will make it much easier for you to give your hair a whole new shine.

I have tested the Curly Girl Box (Lockenbox) over several months and explain to you here what makes the box, whether the purchase is worthwhile and what experiences I have made with the products of the boxes.

Curl care with the Curly Girl Box / Lockenbox

Basically, you should remember the following: Extensive care is actually always the best choice for natural curls, but you should not overdo it. To find out what amount of care your hair really needs, you should approach it slowly. But good care products for curls are often anything but cheap. And that’s where the Lockenbox comes in.

  • great selection
  • cheap tasting package (over 50% savings)
  • High quality

Because with the Lockenbox, you can try especially high-quality curl care products, and at the same time benefit from unique accessories. The box is worth a lot more than you end up paying, so even without that high cost, you can still provide an excellent grooming routine. Every month you will receive your chosen products at an exclusive price and you will always have the opportunity to try something new to find the most suitable product for you.

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What exactly distinguishes the curly girl box?

You ask yourself “How does the Curl Box work?” With the Curl Box, you’ll receive 4 to 5 high-quality products every month that will help you take your hair to a whole new level. When choosing care products, special emphasis is placed on good ingredients that are also suitable for the Curly Girl method. Attention is also paid to the appropriate protein-moisture balance.

No silicones, sulfates, mineral oils, parabens, etc. are used in the production!

Likewise, mainly natural ingredients are used to replace their chemical counterparts, some of which are harmful. The aim is to ensure that the products can be used properly and do not make empty promises. Thousands of satisfied reviews confirm exactly that. The animals are also very important to them, which is why they are, of course, animal-free.

June curl box
The boxes have a new theme every month – for example “Summer”.

By the way, did you know that every single curl box is distinguished by a unique motto? Not only the box is very decorative and is also very suitable to organize things after unpacking. In addition to the products, you will receive a small booklet with the most important information about the products every month. In addition, there are tips on the correct use of the products and also styling techniques that you can use to get your curls in the right direction.

The curly girl box subscription

You get the Lockenbox by subscription. It will cost you €31.95 per month. If you do the math, you can already see how cheap the products are compared to buying them individually, because usually these products are in a value range of about 65 to 100 euros, which is an easy way to save a lot of money. By the way, shipping within Germany is already included in the price.

And another important thing to know: Since the founders put together each box themselves, coordinate the collaborations with the individual brands and the box is by no means an assembly line subscription, there are also limited subscription places per month! So it’s worth being quick if you still want to order the current box. So: Rand to the curl!

Good to know: If after some time you feel you have too many products to use at first, you can also change your delivery interval – you can order them 1, 2 or 3 months apart.

How much does the Lockenbox cost?

  • It costs 32,95 EUR per month
  • great savings to the regular purchase
  • and an extra 5% discount with my code “Lovingcurls”.

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Lockenbox Discount Code

To do something good for you, I have another Lockenbox discount code: Use“LOVINGCURLS” to save 5% on your next order.

My curly girl box experience

Do you know this? Before you buy something yourself, you first want to know what the experience of others is? So that you know what was included in the last boxes and what curly box experiences I’ve had with them, you can find the past boxes in detail here.

How do I cancel the Lockenbox?

If you have had enough of the box, you can also cancel it quickly. To do this, log in to the website under “Lockenbox Membership” and go to “Edit”. There you can easily cancel them. If you do not want to receive the upcoming box, you should cancel by the 4th of the month. If you cancel after the date, you will still receive the next box, but not the one after that.

Curl Box
The July Box contains products worth € 100!

The Lockenbox online store

Of course, in the Lockenbox online store you can get not only a curl box. There is even a ganten store that works completely independently of the box. So if there are certain products that interest you, you can of course purchase them directly from them. And bargain hunters watch out: If you store in the store as an active Lockenbox member, you can save 5% on every purchase!

Another interesting feature is the MYcurls wellness program. By buying products on the website or recommending them to friends, you can earn so-called Curlcredits, which you can later exchange for high-quality gifts. Whether you choose a hair oil or a matching brush, they’re sure to have what you’re looking for.

Who is behind the curly girl box?

Of course, I also wanted to know who is behind the curl box in the first place. And lo and behold, there are two curly heads at once, namely the sisters Kristina and Adina! Sharing a similar fate to many curlies who just couldn’t manage their hair, they created the box to make healthy hair care as easy as possible. Hats off, I can only say – the boxes are compiled with a lot of love and the founders of the curl box are also super sympathetic!

My tips for you

I’m sure you can tell I love the curl box, right? Above all, it totally facilitates the start of healthy curl care. And let’s face it: before you really get to grips with your curls and their needs, find out the ingredients that suit you best and put together your wash days accordingly, you’re very happy to just try things out, aren’t you? My tip for you is: If you have a curl friend who has completely different hair needs than you, you can team up and swap products sometimes! So you have a win-win situation!
And if that ever doesn’t work, remember that you can also use hair care products for body care (for example, when shaving your legs).

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