My Curly Girl Method Products

I get asked all the time which Curly Girl Method products have worked for me over time. Read here what things you really need so that you are perfectly prepared and your hair will soon be really nice bouncy and healthy.

My Curly Girl Method Products

Believe it or not. I’ve tested my way through quite a few products since starting my Curly Girl journey. I really tried a LOT and unfortunately spent a LOT of money on it. To help you save your time and money, I’ve listed the products that I really love and use every day.

Spray mist bottle

Curly Girl Method productsI’m telling you, I didn’t think that moisturizing my hair while styling and for the refresh would be so much better with a spray bottle. I would not want to miss them under any circumstances! Therefore, as a curly girl, I can definitely recommend this product to you.

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The right towel

After you have washed your hair, you should not dry it with a conventional towel for the Curly Girl method, take a microfiber towel for this, because with it you protect the hair structure immensely.

Microfiber Towel Turban

I myself first got a microfiber turban that I don’t want to miss – I always use it to “plop”.Curly Girl Method Products

These microfiber turbans are perfect for drying hair for the first time after shampooing. I bought several of them at once because one is always kind of in the wash.

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Microfiber towel for my curls

In addition to the microfiber turban, I bought two more microfiber towels, the larger one I use right after showering, even before I add more conditioning products to my hair, the smaller one is perfect for me to knead the cast out of my curls.

curly girl method productsMy small microfiber towel has the size 40×80 cm. It is very handy and extremely practical even for travel. The larger towel has the size 60×120 cm and is absolutely universal. I like to use it when I’m adding products to my hair.

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The right hairbrush for curly girls

Even though you don’t brush your hair when it’s dry using the Curly Girl method (that’s one of my golden rules of curl care, by the way!), you can do this when your hair is wet.

The Tangle Teezer

The Tangle Teezer is very suitable as a Curly Girl method product, because I take it with me in the shower when I wash my hair and detangle the hair with it when I have worked in the conditioner and the hair is already quite soft.

Curly Girl Method Products

It comes in a larger version and a smaller one that has an attachment – this one is perfect for traveling, as it’s easy on the bristles.

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The Denman Brush

For styling my curls, two purchases in particular have more than paid for themselves. These include the Denman Brush as well as my Afro Pick. My Curly Girl Method ProductsI use the Denman Brush for hair styling when wet, i.e. directly after washing.

curly girl method productsThere are different models of brushes. I use the 9-row brush, from which I took every other row. It is not for nothing one of my favorite Curly Girl method products, the bristle rows of the Denman Brush can be removed namely and the brush so clean after each styling.

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Curl Pick – boost your volume

Curly Girl Method ProductsMy Curly Girl Method Products

I use the curl pick when my hair is dry. It is used to add volume to the hair roots – this reduces frizz immensely. I don’t want to miss it anymore.

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Hair bands for curly girls


Even though I wear my hair open more often now thanks to the Curly Girl method, I still tied it in a braid more often than not. So that my hair is not damaged or even broken in the process, I got myself two kinds of hairbands: The Invisibobbles and silk hairbands perfect for when I want to put my hair up, but do not want to have an eye-catcher (hairband).

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Silk Hair Scrunchies

Silk Hair Scrunchies are very gentle for the hair. I like to wear them in colour combination with my outfits (you may have noticed that I love rosé!).My Curly Girl Method ProductsCurly Girl Method Products

Silk Hair Scrunchies

Curly girl method products for the night

Silk Bonnet for Sleeping

It sounds silly and also looks very funny, but helps your hair to stay in shape at night when you lie on it: a Silk-Bonnet for Sleeping.

I didn’t think it was possible, but the curls really lay much nicer and have much less frizz when I have the cap on for sleeping. I can’t even say my bonnet that bad 😉 After all, you get used to everything.

curly girl method products

Why is a silk bonnet especially good for your curls? It’s simple: if you carefully bed your curls in theMy Curly Girl Method Products sleep cap before going to bed, they won’t get tousled so quickly. That’s what would happen if you moved your head while you slept. With the silk sleep cap, the bundles are preserved. Another advantage: the silk does not absorb liquid so quickly and the moisture is retained in your curls.

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Silk Pillow Case

Some Curly Girls I know use silk pillowcases. I had not bought such a pillowcase for a long time, because I thought it was nicer when the beds are made up right away. BUT in the meantime I have one and am really excited!!! I have only one such pillowcase left on the

curly girl method products

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Curly Girl Method Products List

As a basic requirement for the Curly Girl method, you need suitable hair care products. Curly Girls also call them Curly girl method approved products that are “safe”. In my Curly Girl Method product list you will find an overview of conditioners, curl creams and other hair care products that correspond to the Curly Girl Method.

Curly Girl Method Products
With the Curly Girl method, the main thing you need to pay attention to is the ingredients in your hair care products.


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