The Best Curly Hair Salon in Brisbane

Trying to find a new hair stylist or salon can be a frustrating experience. Not only is it highly time-consuming, but it can also quickly become costly. However, the journey is well worth it once you find your ideal stylist that you connect with and understand your hair’s need.

To help you in your search, I’ve compiled a list of Brisbane’s top curly hair salons to help narrow your search!

Curly Hair Salons in Brisbane

Your beautiful, unique curls deserve the best care! Treat them right and nurture them at these excellent Brisbane-based salons. The salons and stylists in this guide have demonstrated an exceptional understanding of curly hair.

  1. 01 Purely Curls Brisbane

    Purely Curls Salon is the perfect destination for those who want to take care of their curls in Brisbane. This salon is exclusively dedicated to curly hair care and provides personalized coaching on cleaning, hydrating, and styling your unique curl pattern. What sets them apart is the salon’s commitment to supporting your curly hair journey outside the salon through a private Facebook support group and educational online video tutorials.

  2. 02 Elizabeth JJ's

    Elizabeth JJ’s On The Avenue has been selected by Style Magazine as „Brisbane’s Best Hairdressers“ for three consecutive years, and it’s no surprise why! The salon boasts highly skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced stylists. If you have curly hair, you’re in for a treat, as the salon offers custom curly haircuts and a curl hydration treatment to keep your curls looking their best!

  3. 03 Co and Pace Salons

    Co and Pace Salon is led by the multi-award-winning stylist Justin Pace. Justin won the prestigious Australian Hairdresser of the Year award in 2023 and has received many other awards. The salon’s stylists are highly experienced in the hair industry and are always up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques. Bella is the Curly Hair Specialist of this Curly Hair Salon in Brisbane.

  4. 04 Hair By The Collective

    Michael Pierro is the expert to see if you’re looking for a curly haircut tailored to your unique needs. As the owner and a specialist in curly haircuts, he uses a free-hand, curl-by-curl cutting technique to ensure that every curl is perfectly shaped.

  5. 05 Togninis

    Tognini’s is a renowned salon in Brisbane that offers exceptional customer service and modern hair styling. They specialize in avant-garde styles but also provide services for those looking for simpler styles. Their stylists are skilled in working with curly hair and can cut and style hair of any length, texture, and curl pattern.

  6. 06 Rokstar Salon

    If you have curly hair and want to go blonde, Rokstar Salon is the perfect place to make that transformation. Their highly-trained stylists are skilled in both blonding and caring for color-treated, damaged, and curly hair. After your appointment, you’ll feel like a rockstar leaving the salon.

  7. 07 Revolution Hairdressing

    Revolution Hairdressing is a premium hair salon in Brisbane that offers the best luxury hair care services. The salon’s staff have won numerous prestigious awards and are highly regarded for their superior client service. If you are looking for a curly cut, you must book an appointment with the curly hair magician Andre Faiva!

  8. 08 Harlequin Hair

    Harlequin Hair is the only specialist salon in Moorooka that caters to curly hair. They aim to help individuals with curly hair embrace and love their natural curls. They exclusively use products that are 100% Curly Girl-approved or Curly Girl Friendly. In addition, they import and sell curly hair products that are not readily available, thus meeting the needs of the curly hair community.

  9. 09 Elysium Hair Brisbane

    If you visit Elysium Hair you can be sure to visit a curly hair salon in Brisbane. Stylists Carla, Jade, Lucie, Marjone, Maxine, and Michelle specialize in curly cuts and treat your curls with a personalized curly cut using a free-hand curl-by-curl technique.

  10. 10 Epic Hair Designs

    Epic Hair Designs’ stylists are experts in caring for and cutting curly hair. Their advanced skills and knowledge have allowed them to develop a significant repertoire of techniques. Regardless of your desired style, rest assured that Epic Hair Designs’ team can make it a reality!

  11. 11 Curl Nature Brisbane

    At Curl Nature, all types of curly hair are celebrated! Jasmine, the owner of this small boutique, understands the unique challenges of curly hair because she is a curly girl. She specializes in dry cuts and provides personalized care and management of curly hair in her salon in Brisbane. Her appointments are one-on-one, allowing her to take her time and provide guidance on how to style and care for your curly hair.

If you have had a fantastic experience with a hairstylist or salon in Brisbane, why not spread the word to your fellow curly-haired friends? Write a brief review and share the information!

Why should I go to a curly hair care salon in Brisbane?

Curly hair is highly nuanced and unique, requiring an educated stylist who understands what it needs to thrive! The mishandling and mistreatment of your curls can lead to a disaster, including excessive frizz, breakage, and misshapen cuts that can’t easily be worn in straightened and curly states.

An experienced stylist who understands curly hair should

  • Have an expansive repertoire of techniques that allows the stylist to cut curly hair wet or dry easily, and both its natural and straightened state
  • Demonstrate understanding of how to properly cleanse and moisturize curls without stripping their natural moisture
  • Enhance and set your curls using proper products and application techniques

Curly Hair Salon Brisbane

What should I look for when choosing a curly hair salon?

Finding a new curly hair salon or a stylist can be extremely difficult. Before choosing a salon, it’s essential to:

  • Look at their services! Does the salon offer services tailored to curly hair, such as a curly cut? If so, you’re typically in good hands. If not, look closely at their reviews and portfolio before booking.
  • Look at their certifications! Deva Curl is the global leader in curly hair education. You’re typically in good hands if you find a stylist certified through Deva Curl. You can easily find stylists certified in Deva Curl techniques through the Deva Curl website.
  • Look up reviews! What are previous and current clients saying? Do they rave about the salon, and what type of service did they receive?
  • Look at their work! Observe the stylists’ works with your own eyes by looking at their portfolios or galleries. You can often find their gallery on the website and links to their social media platforms. Don’t hesitate to call the salon and ask if you can also stop by and look at their work!

Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment at your curly hair salon in Brisbane and don’t forget to tell your fellow curlies about your experience by writing a testimonial about your experience!

Are you new here and want to start with healthy curl care? Be sure to read my post on the Curly Girl Method and check out my product recommendations for shampoo, conditioner and hair gel.

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