Your Ultimate Guide To Finding The Best Curly Hair Salon In Denver

Are you looking for a Curly Hair Salon in Denver? Are you tired of battling frizz and struggling to tame your curly locks? It’s time to embrace your natural beauty and give your curls the care and attention they deserve. Finding the right curly hair salon in Denver can make all the difference in helping you achieve the stunning, head-turning curls you’ve always dreamed of. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through the steps to find the perfect salon for your curly hair needs.

The best Curly Hair Salon in Denver

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  1. 01 3 Little Birds Salon

    This self-described “eclectic” salon combines modern techniques and styling with traditional methods to achieve beautiful results! The salon exclusively uses cruelty-free and vegan-friendly products. Their experienced stylists are familiar with all hair types and textures and are highly skilled in creative color and precision cuts.

  2. 02 Curl Maven

    Curl Maven is led by Brittany S., a certified Level 3 Deva Curl stylist and educator! Her goal is to help you feel your best and help you embrace your natural curls. Her services include a cut, a consultation, an in-depth discussion of your hair goals and how to achieve them, and a customized styling lesson!

  3. 03 Curls, Kinks & Coils LLC

    Curls, Kinks & Coils LLC is a highly rated and beloved salon specializing in curly hair! You will walk away with a beautiful cut you love and a wealth of knowledge on properly caring for your hair at home!

  4. 04 Devana Salon

    Devana Salon is led by Erik Emblen, a curly hair expert with extensive experience working with different curl textures! He specializes in dry curly cuts to achieve the best results and shape.

    “Devana” is the ancient Indian Sanskrit word that means “to be in love,” his goal is to help his clients fall in love with their beautiful, unique curly hair!

  5. 05 Juhdet’s Curly Hair Studio

    Juhdet’s Curly Hair Studio is on a mission to encourage clients with wavy to tightly coiled hair to embrace and love their natural hair pattern! Juhdet is certified in the Ouidad carving and slicing haircut method, which is a technique that works with curls to enhance their natural texture!

  6. 06 Loba Studio

    Loba Studio is owned by Jessica Zapata, a top-rated curly hair specialist by 303 Magazine! She’s a renowned stylist celebrated for her expertise in curly hair and fashion-forward hair-cutting techniques. She’s dedicated to teaching other stylists how to cut curly hair and offers curly education for other hair professionals and stylists.

  7. 07 Mane 38

    DevaCurl is one of the leading global curl educators, and both Jeanna and Melissa of Mane 38 Salon are DevaCurl certified! They’re perfect for the job if you need a curly cut or just someone to help you style your curls!

  8. 08 More Than Curly Salon

    Sit in one of More Than Curly Salon’s chairs and fall in love with your curls again! The salon is led by Melissa, who is self-dubbed “Colorado’s Curl Queen,” and her salon is Colorado’s only chemical-free salon. This salon has received multiple awards, including being voted one of the Top 100 Salons in America by ELLE Magazine!

  9. 09 My Hair Trip Organic Salon Denver

    My Hair Trip Organic Salon is Denver’s #1 Organic Hair Salon with a full-service menu offering a wide range of coloring, soothing, curling treatments, custom cuts, and nourishing hair treatments! Sustainable beauty is at the forefront of every service, and the salon only uses non-toxic products during their services!

  10. 10 Pangaea Salon

    Pangaea Salon’s mission is to provide top-notch, quality hair services to individuals from all walks of life so they can appreciate and embrace their natural beauty! The salon’s diverse staff of stylists are all well-versed in curly hair care, fashion-forward precision cuts, and creative color.

  11. 11 Tame It Curl Haus

    Amplify your curl’s natural texture at Tame It Curl Haus! Diana Schmitt leads the charge with her extensive knowledge of curly hair care, providing her clients with excellent service and beautiful results. She’s also passionate about teaching others and offers curly cut classes to other industry professionals.

  12. 12 The Bad Kittie Salon

    Don’t let the pin-up style fool you! The Bad Kittie Salon is a beautiful collision of classic vintage styling and modern edginess. All the stylists at The Bad Kittie Salon are educated in curly hair styling and offer coloring, extension, braiding, and blowout services.

  13. 13 The Nurtured Curl

    Learn to cherish your curls at The Nutured Curl salon! It’s more than just a haircut; it’s a customized curl experience in which your stylist will analyze your hair, help you create a healthy hair routine, and teach you how to style it at home!

  14. 14 The Station Hair Studio

    The Station Hair Studio was voted one of Denver’s best hair salons by in 2022 and Winner of 2023 Neighborhood Faves from Nextdoor! It’s no secret why, as this renowned salon has been around since 2012 and specializes in naturally curly hair care. The stylists continue pursuing hair education to expand their skill sets and stay ahead of the curve!

Write a curly hair salon review and help other curlys find the right hair salon with your testimonial.

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Conclusion: Embrace Your Curly Hair

Finding the best curly hair salon in Denver is a crucial step in embracing and enhancing your natural curls. By doing your research, you can discover a salon and stylist who will help you achieve the beautiful, healthy curls you’ve always wanted. Say goodbye to frizz and hello to stunning curls that turn heads wherever you go. It’s time to celebrate your unique curls and let them shine!

The Guide to Caring for your Curls

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