The Best Curly Hair Salons in Minneapolis

Minneapolis is a bustling city with thousands of salons to patronize. The search for a new salon or stylist can be extremely stressful and frustrating, especially if you have a curly girl emergency! But don’t get overwhelmed!

I’ve put together a carefully crafted guide for you to the top salons in the city specializing in curly hair!

Best Curly Hair Salon in Minneapolis

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  1. 01 Curl Life Salon

    Having curly hair is not just a trend; it’s a lifestyle! At Curl Life Salon, you will leave with beautiful hair and a wealth of knowledge, an easy at-home styling routine, and a solid understanding of how to care for your curls properly. The salon owner, Tracy, has over 24 years of hair industry experience and a ton of knowledge to share with you!

  2. 02 Curl Power Salon

    This salon, true to its name, is all about empowering those with curly hair. Curl Power Salon’s stylist team are curly experts and always ensure that their customers leave the salon feeling beautiful and confident.

  3. 03 Curl Power Salon

    Embrace your most authentic self and realize that the way you wear your hair is powerful. At Curl Power Salon, textured hair is celebrated and respected. This incredible salon caters specifically to curly hair. However, all stylists are highly skilled and can work with all textures. They offer a unique “hair transition” service where your stylist can help you with significant hair transitions such as growing out permanent chemical straightening, going gray, or altering gender presentation.

  4. 04 Haus Salon

    Haus Salon is an award-winning salon voted “Best Salon” in Reader’s Choice Best of Minnesota! This salon has three locations and boasts a diverse staff of artists well-versed in precision cutting, coloring, and hair extensions.

  5. 05 Honeycomb Salon

    Need a good haircut to restore bounce to your curls? Book a dry curly cut with Amanda at Honeycomb Salon. She’s well-versed in all hair textures and also offers extensive coloring services.

  6. 06 Malobe Natural Hair Salon

    Although Malobe Natural Hair Salon specializes in kinky-coily hair, clients of all hair textures are welcome! The salon owner, Bessie, is a licensed cosmetologist with over 22 years of experience, and she’s dedicated to helping her clients embrace their natural hair texture. She offers natural hair care and styling, locs and loc extensions, hair transitioning, and restorative hair care.

  7. 07 Midwest Curls

    Midwest Curls’ owner, Molly, is a professional stylist with over 15 years of experience and ten years of expertise in curly hair. She’s a certified curly stylist and has traveled across the United States to learn everything curly! Rest assured that she’s always up to date with the newest and latest trends and techniques; she’s always taking new classes to expand her knowledge.

  8. 08 The Curl Co.

    Liberate your curls and say goodbye to cookie-cutter haircuts at The Curl Co.! Hannah, the salon owner, specializes in curly cuts. She specializes in the strategic dry-cutting technique, where curls are shaped and cut naturally, unlocking their true potential and creating a customized style with a cohesive shape.

  9. 09 The Curl Salon

    Justyne is the Curl Director at The Curl Salon and boasts over ten years of professional salon experience. She’s extremely knowledgeable and highly skilled in all matters of curly hair. She graduated from Deva Curl Academy and has worked closely with Lorraine Massey, a widely renowned curly hair stylist and founder of the Curly Girl Method.

  10. 10 The Curl Salon

    No matter your curl type or texture, the team at The Curl Salon has got you covered! Their diverse team of specialists, each with varying expertise, makes it a one-stop destination for curly hair care. From precision cuts to stunning styling and vibrant coloring, you’ll love your curls when you step out of the chair!

  11. 11 Twisted Hare Salon

    Step into a whimsical wonderland at Twisted Hare Salon! This enchanting salon is a haven for curlies of all textures. Each stylist is a curly hair wizard in their own right, offering custom curly cuts, hydrating treatments, and vibrant coloring that will transport you to a world of curly enchantment.

  12. 12 Uptown Curl

    Uptown Curl is a fantastic salon specializing in curly hair care!

    However, their dedication to advanced education sets Uptown Curls apart from other salons. The owner, Kristy, is studying to become a Trichologist to eventually offer hair loss therapies to her clients. Each stylist is highly trained in curly cuts, curly hair styling, and coloring.

    The salon is also committed to only using “curly girl safe” and water-soluble products! They never use sulfates, silicones, parabens, artificial fragrances, or polymers.

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Nurture and celebrate your natural curls at these Minneapolis-based salons dedicated to curly hair. These hairstylists possess an exceptional grasp of the intricacies of curly hair and are devoted to the well-being of your locks. Be sure to schedule an appointment with one of these specialists to unveil your natural texture’s true beauty.

What should I look for when choosind a curly hair salon in Minneapolis?

Visiting a salon specializing in curly hair is crucial due to the unique and fragile nature of curly hair. Choosing a knowledgeable stylist is essential to avoid mishandling that can result in frizz, bad cuts, and damage.

A competent stylist will showcase their expertise in:

  1. Cutting and shaping curly hair both in its natural and straightened forms
  2. Properly cleansing and hydrating curls
  3. Enhancing and styling curls using the right products and techniques

When selecting a curly hair salon, consider the following:

  • Services Offered: Ensure the salon provides curly hair-specific services.
    Certifications: Look for stylists with certifications, preferably from recognized institutions like Deva Curl.
  • Reviews: Check customer reviews to gauge the quality of services provided.
  • Portfolios: Review the stylist’s work, usually available on websites or social media, to ensure their styling aligns with your preference. Don’t hesitate to inquire further about their work if necessary

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