The Best Curly Hair Salons in Seattle

Searching for the perfect curly hair salon in Seattle can feel overwhelming in this bustling beauty hub. But there’s no need to worry!

Whether you’re looking for a quick cut and color or looking to develop a lasting relationship with a stylist, I’ve got you covered with a carefully crafted guide to the city’s exceptional salons specializing in curly hair.

Best Curly Hair Salon in Seattle

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  1. 01 Alia Salon

    Alia Grantham, a salon owner and hairstylist with significant talent, has been showcasing her skills since 2000. She works in tandem with her clients to discover the ideal style and color that best suits their lifestyle and personality, utilizing the natural texture of their hair to create styles that are versatile, natural, and easy to maintain. Alia, as a specialist in curly-textured hair and a certified DevaCurl instructor, has garnered a reputation for transforming clients’ hair into stunning curls.

  2. 02 CoCo & Company Hair Salon

    CoCo & Company Hair Salon is an established salon in the Seattle area and has been featured in ELLE Magazine as a Top 100 Salon In the US twice. The salon is led by Antonio Cejudo, a renowned stylist who is a master at his craft, skilled in curly hair care, and certified in Deva Cuts.

  3. 03 Coven Salon

    Add a little magic to your day by booking at Coven Salon! This salon features a line-up of top-notch stylists who are well-versed in all hair textures, precision cutting, and classic and creative coloring techniques. However, what truly sets Coven Salon apart is its celebration of diversity and its dedication to inclusivity through offering a safe space and transformative services.

  4. 04 Foxycut Salon

    Foxycut Salon is out of this world with its galaxy-inspired vibes! The salon offers a signature Curly Cut in which they dry cut your hair in its natural curly state, wash, condition, and then go in for a final, more precise cut to achieve the perfect shape! The stylists are also skilled in creative color, showcasing a beautiful body of beautifully blended, dreamy, fantasy colors.

  5. 05 Good Hair Salon

    Good Hair Salon helps its clients celebrate who they naturally are and specializes in caring for extremely tight, kinky-coily hair. The salon offers beautiful natural hairstyles like bantu knots, 2-strand twists, box braids, and blowouts. They also provide maintenance and care for locs.

  6. 06 Haven Salon

    Haven Salon has been around for over 15 years and has a skilled team of stylists with decades of professional experience between them! This salon celebrates all curl types and textures and offers Deva Cuts to bring out the best in your curls.

  7. 07 Helix Salon

    Helix Salon is an inclusive environment for all types of people and hosts a private, quiet space where you can relax as you’re pampered! Both salon’s stylists are well-versed in curly hair care. However, if you have dreads or are thinking of getting dreads, Siddal, specializes in natural dreadlocks and natural/synthetic dreadlock extensions.

  8. 08 Lisa Power Salon

    If you want a style that will turn heads, Lisa Power Salon will be your go-to! All salon stylists are trained in creative cuts (e.g. DevaCurl certification) and color to help you achieve a fashion-forward look!

  9. 09 Penny B Salon

    Not only will you leave with a fantastic cut and color, but you’ll also leave Penny B’s salon with a wealth of knowledge. This lovely stylist offers unique curl coaching sessions where she teaches you how to take care and style your curls properly!

  10. 10 Pinup Salon

    If you adore vintage hairstyles and aren’t sure how to achieve them, the Pinup Salon team can help! They offer beautiful classic finger wave styles and pin curls. They are also well-versed in curly hair care and provide a range of Curl Expert Services, which include dry curly cuts, curl styling and setting, and custom-painted highlights that accentuate curls.

  11. 11 Sasha Moon Salon

    This beautiful salon is led by its namesake, Sasha Moon, a master stylist with over 24 years of experience. Moon’s brilliant stylists are well-versed in Ouidad Curly Cuts, Keratin Smoothing Treatments, balayage, and extensions.

  12. 12 Sensa Salon 

    Sensa Salon understands that hair isn’t just hair and understands the power of hair when it comes to self-expression. It creates a sanctuary where artists and guests find rejuvenation, inspiration, and a celebration of individuality. The salon’s stylists specialize in curly hair and take pride in providing personalized education, styling, and maintenance.

  13. 13 Texture

    Texture Salon is dedicated to caring for hair types of all textures! The salon is led by the owner, Lily, a certified Deva Curl stylist proficient in curly cuts! The Texture team also has a braid specialist and a loc specialist. No matter how you wear your hair, someone can help you achieve your perfect look!

  14. 14 The Red Chair Salon

    The Red Chair Salon opened its doors in 2009 and has been expanding ever since! The stylists are skilled in precision cutting and creative color, creating beautiful, fashion-forward styles.

  15. 15 Vasuda Salon

    Vasuda Salon is a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic salon that caters to all hair types and textures! Throughout their careers, salon founders Emmett and Jessica witnessed clients being turned away at salons due to their hair textures and stylist’s lack of education. Vasuda Salon invests in their stylists’ training to develop a well-rounded skillset to service anyone of any hair type and texture.

These Seattle-based curly hair salons are the ultimate experts when embracing and enhancing your natural curls. With an unparalleled understanding of diverse curl patterns and an unwavering commitment to hair health, these stylists have earned their esteemed reputation.

Whether you’re searching for a transformative haircut, a captivating color transformation, or expert advice on styling and maintenance, these talented professionals ensure your curls turn heads.

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What should I look for when choosing a Curly Hair Salon in Seattle?

When selecting a curly hair salon or stylist, identifying a suitable one can be challenging. It’s crucial to consider the following aspects:

  • Examine their Services:
    Verify if the salon provides services specifically for curly hair, such as curly cuts. If they do, they are likely proficient. If not, scrutinize their reviews and portfolio before deciding.
  • Check their Certifications:
    Look for stylists certified by Deva Curl, a leader in curly hair education, implying they have specialized training in handling curly hair.
  • Review Client Feedback:
    Explore what past and present clients are saying about their experiences. It’s a good indicator of the salon’s service quality and expertise in handling curly hair.
  • View their Portfolio:
    Analyze the stylist’s previous works available usually on their websites or social media. Don’t hesitate to visit the salon personally to view more of their work or to discuss your needs.

So, why wait? Schedule an appointment with one of these curly hair specialists and prepare to rediscover the true beauty of your natural texture as never before.

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