Flaxseed Gel For Hair

As a curly girl, you should definitely be familiar with the term flaxseed gel. Flaxseed gel is one of the most natural ways to define and moisturize curls. Find out here how to make your own linseed gel and how to use it to care for your hair. The flax plant (Linum usitatissimum) is one of the oldest medicinal plants in the world. Flaxseed is particularly well-known in the kitchen, as the mucilage and oils in the flaxseed husk are known to be beneficial for the intestines. What is good for the body on the inside can also work wonders on the outside.

How to make flaxseed gel?

You can easily and simply make flaxseed gel yourself. All you need is

  • a small saucepan
  • a sieve
  • a stove
  • and a small container – I like to use jam jars.
Flaxseed Gel
You don’t need much to make flaxseed gel

Flaxseed Gel Recipe

50 g flaxseed (whole!)
300 ml water

Optionally, you can add one or more of the following ingredients:
5 drops of argan oil
5 drops of almond oil
5 drops of vitamin E oil
1 tsp honey
1 tsp conditioner
1 teaspoon hair conditioner
1-3 drops of silk proteins

Flaxseed gel – how long do I have to cook it?

Boil the water with the linseed and leave to cook on a medium heat for just a few minutes, stirring constantly. The gel is ready as soon as the mixture starts to pull threads and you can pour it through the sieve. Optionally, you can add the argan oil and/or honey before straining and stir again vigorously.

I recommend cooking the flaxseed gel on its own first to see if it suits you. You can then “refine” it with the optional additives and test whether they suit your curls.

Then pour the gel into the jar and leave it to cool. This amount lasts me a week.

The DIY hair gel is a transparent mass that is very slippery, similar to jelly.

How long does flaxseed gel last?

The flaxseed gel will keep in the refrigerator for around 1 week. If you want to cook it in larger quantities, you can freeze the gel. Ice cube trays are suitable for this, so that you can defrost the amount as required.

Hair care with flaxseed gel

Take the DIY hair gel and rub it into the palms of your hands. Then glide through your hair with the flat of your hands. It may take a while until you get the hang of it and no more gel goes astray. You have used enough gel when your hair feels really slippery.

You can then comb through your hair with a hairbrush. I like the Tangle Teaser myself. The Denman Brush is the right choice for styling.

After you have combed your hair, you can scrunch it, i.e. carefully knead the hair upwards from below with the palms of your hands.

Then it’s FINGERs OFF! Your hair now needs to dry. And dry means completely dry! Your hair will now feel very hard. This is the so-called “cast” – don’t worry, the wet hair look won’t stay that way.

Now take a microfiber towel or cotton shirt in your hand and scrunch the cast out of your hair. Your hair will now be soft and you can carefully detach connected strands from each other.

Why should I use flaxseed gel?

Flaxseed gel is perfect for hair care because it moisturizes your hair in a completely natural way. It also works well against frizz and has no unnatural additives.

You can find more information about the Curly Girl method and my personal product highlights here.

My flaxseed gel tip

I have a little tip for you. Even if the flaxseed gel is cooked quickly, you don’t always have time to cook it – I understand that. The good thing is that you can also pre-cook it and freeze it. An ice cube tray is ideal for freezing the flaxseed gel so that you can defrost it later in portions!

Flaxseed gel and vacations?

Flaxseed hair gel is quick to make. However, due to its short shelf life, it is not necessarily suitable for vacations. I can recommend the Kinky Curly Curling Custard for this. Not only is it similar in terms of consistency, I have also achieved similar results.

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