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After testing the Shark hair dryer, I want to give you my experience and the most important data about it. This will give you an idea if you are considering buying this Shark hyperair hair dryer. When caring for our hair, we need a hairdryer that does not damage it with excessive temperatures. Therefore, the quality of the hair dryer and the air temperature produced are very important and should be considered when buying. The Shark HyperAIR iQ offers a healthy, easy and fast drying of the hair through a strong air flow. Intelligent technology of the latest generation and ease of use provide simple and healthy styling for all hair types.

Shark hair dryer – The various functions

Shark Hair DryerShark Hair DryerWith the Shark hairdryer, fast and precise styling is guaranteed. The Shark hair dryer has two different attachments that you can use individually. The built-in Smart Sensor ensures that your hair is not exposed to excessive heat during blow drying. Thus, both the hair structure and the shine of your hair will not be affected. In addition to this function, the hair dryer is equipped with many other functions. These can be used by you individually. We have summarized and listed some of the most important functions:

The gentle ion technology: The ion technology ensures that the hair is enriched with 100 million negative ions. This both prevents the annoying frizz and guarantees more shine. Furthermore, the ionic technology shakes the hair from drying out.
A quick hair dry without a too high heat impact: the Shark hyperair hair dryer has four different heat settings and three different speed settings. These allow you to regulate individually when drying your hair. The built-in smart sensor guarantees fast drying.

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The Shark hair dryer is perfect for curly hair. However, it can also be used by women who suffer from damaged, straight or very short hair. In addition, the Shark hair dryer is equipped with a diffuser, which is ideal for styling curls.

The key technical data of the Shark hair dryer

Behind the Shark hair dryer hides a so-called ionic hair dryer. With the Shark hair dryer, you can be sure that the protection of your hair is paramount. The hair dryer is equipped with a powerful motor of 1600 watts. This provides the best basis for a fast and perfect drying result. The different heat and speed settings allow you to style your hair in a completely flexible way. In addition, you also have the option to blow dry your hair with the cold setting. Among the main technical specifications of the Shark hair dryer still include:

  • The Shark hair dryer is an ionic hair dryer
  • Weight: 1,65 pounds
  • 1600 watt power
  • Temperature settings: four different heating levels
  • One cold stage
  • Three different speed levels

Furthermore, the Shark hair dryer is equipped with a heat and speed indicator. You can thus always check exactly which heat level you are using while blow drying your hair. Moreover, you can change them individually.

Shark hair dryer – What can this hair dryer do?

Shark hair dryer has many different functions. On the one hand, you can choose between four different heating levels. These have different temperatures that can be individually regulated by the user. To be able to guarantee the exact maintenance of the temperature, the Shark hair dryer has an integrated smart sensor. This checks the temperature of the air flow every second. If you want to do without it completely, then you should definitely opt for the cold setting. Furthermore, the hair dryer comes with two different attachments. This is a diffuser on the one hand, and an attachment for flying hair. The attachments are very easy to replace. The Shark hyperair hair dryer weighs only 730 grams. This allows for easy handling.

Shark hair dryer
I have extensively tested the Shark hair dryer for you

What accessories does the hair dryer come with?

The accessories of the Shark hyperair hair dryer are manageable. The Shark hair dryer comes with two different attachments. As already described, these can be replaced by you individually and easily. These are the following essays:

A diffuser: this is ideal for styling curly hair.
A special attachment that is ideal espe cially for flying hair.

In addition, the Shark hair dryer is equipped with a cable bundle. If you are still looking for a suitable hair dryer that is also very gentle on your hair, then you should definitely take a look at the Shark hair dryer. You will definitely be impressed by the many different technical functions and the very easy handling. Just try out the Shark hair dryer on yourself.

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Other features

The Shark hair dryer is equipped with a diffuser. This has a diameter of exactly 30 cm. The comfortable cable length allows you to use the Shark hair dryer flexibly. In addition, the Shark hair dryer is equipped with many different temperature settings and speed settings. These are both a low heat level of up to 60 degrees and a meanwhile heat level of 80 degrees and a high heat level of 100 degrees. On the basis of the temperature display, the corresponding temperature can always be checked quite accurately. The integrated overheat protection ensures that your hair is not exposed to excessive heat. Due to the many different functions, the Shark hair dryer is perfect for daily use, just try the hair dryer on your own hair.

The diffuser attachment not only guarantees the perfect curls, but is also very gentle on your scalp and prevents it from getting irritated. If you notice that the lowest level is too hot for you, then you always have the option to opt for the cold level.

Shark hair dryer

Shark HD113BRN in the test: My personal conclusion

The testimonials of the Shark hair dryer are generally very positive. Most users are more than enthusiastic about both the very easy handling and the gentle drying process. I myself am very positively surprised and use it very gladly. I am quite sensitive to the temperature and so the lowest level is already enough for me, which I find very warm. My hair dries very quickly with the use of the hair dryer, similar comparable to the drying of the Dyson hair dryer. The handling is also very simple and due to the fact that the diffuser is

If you too are looking for a hair dryer that won’t stress your hair, then the Shark hair dryer is a suitable model for you. The various attachments can be replaced individually. It’s best to just try it out for yourself and then decide on the Shark hair dryer. You definitely don’t want to miss it and its various functions anymore.

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