A Guide to the Best Curly Hair Salons in London

It is my mission to illuminate your path in discovering the sanctuaries of curly hair salons in London. This guide aims to provide you with an exhaustive overview of the capital’s finest salons specializing in curly hair, dissecting their unique selling propositions, the services they offer, and the techniques they employ. We hope to empower you with this knowledge so that your next salon visit results in not just an exceptional haircut, but a holistic and enriched curly hair experience.

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of hairstyling, catering to the diversity of hair textures is an art that few have mastered. For those blessed with naturally curly hair, finding a salon that truly understands their unique needs can be a journey of trials and tribulations. Curly hair, with its variety of patterns and tendencies, requires a certain level of expertise and precision that only select establishments can provide.

The Best Curly Hair Salons in London

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  1. 01 3thirty

    Situated in the heart of London, 3thirty is a curly hair salon that effortlessly blends expertise with innovation. With an unwavering commitment to providing top-tier services, this salon has established itself as a cornerstone in London’s curly hair community. 3thirty offers a broad array of services, ranging from intricate curly cuts to specialized hair treatments, all tailored to meet the unique needs of curly hair. The team’s proficiency in handling various curl types and their dedication to offering bespoke services set 3thirty apart.

  2. 02 Curl Talk

    Curl Talk is a Curly Hair Salon in London. The founder Joleigh holds the honour of being London’s first stylist trained Curl by Curl and DevaCurl techniques. The salon goes above and beyond by providing personalised coaching sessions for maintenance, allowing clients to carry their best curly look well beyond the salon visit.

  3. 03 Curly Hair London

    Nestled in the heart of London, Curly Hair London was pioneered by the visionary Stephanie Nikolova. The salon stands apart by offering specially designed haircuts and treatments, utilising only the purest natural and organic products. Curly Hair London’s commitment to natural remedies underlines its ethos of advocating for a healthier approach to hair care.

  4. 04 Darren Scott Salon

    At Darren Scott Salon, the diversity of curly hair types is well respected and served. They are experts in Afro Caribbean, Mixed Heritage & Curly Hair services, each holding its unique space within the salon’s repertoire. Darren Scott Salon offers an impressive range of natural hair services, showcasing their extensive knowledge and versatility in the field of curly hair in London.

  5. 05 Kink By Nature

    In the bustling city of London, Kink by Nature stands as a haven for curly-haired individuals. This curly hair salon in London epitomizes a celebration of all things natural and unique about curly hair. Kink by Nature’s expertise in managing curls, kinks, and coils allows them to offer services that perfectly cater to the distinct needs of every client. Their trained professionals provide a wide range of services, from precise cuts that enhance the natural beauty of curls to intensive treatments that nourish them.

  6. 06 Texture - Hair by Floria

    Texture, founded by the visionary Floria in 2020, is a gem tucked away in the vibrant neighborhood of Brixton. The salon revels in the beauty of natural curls, kinks, waves, and coils, catering to these specific hair types with finesse and expertise. The range of services offered by Texture is impressively diverse. It includes not only precise curly haircuts but also professional colour services and extensions to enhance your curly hair’s beauty. Furthermore, Texture places a heavy emphasis on the health of your curls, providing specialized scalp treatments as well as protein and moisture treatments. These intensive care services ensure your curls retain their natural charm while receiving the nourishment they deserve. Choosing Texture means opting for a salon that truly understands and celebrates the uniqueness of your curls.

  7. 07 The Curl Bar

    At The Curl Bar London, Nia and her team have mastered the art of styling every type of curl. From Curl by Curl Cut with Wash and Style, to Wavy Curls, Curly Curls, and the luxurious Curl Bar Deluxe Treatment, they have a service that caters to every curl type and need. This curly hair salon has two branches in London: In 210 Middle Lane and 79 Myddleton Road.

  8. 08 The Curl Coach

    The Curl Coach in London is more than just a salon – it’s a transformative experience for your curls. This unique space has swiftly earned a reputation for empowering individuals to embrace their natural curls. Offering a blend of specialist services, the Curl Coach provides a comprehensive approach to curly hair care. From precision cuts designed to enhance your curls’ natural shape, to online expert advice on maintaining and nourishing your hair, the Curl Coach equips you with the tools and knowledge needed to confidently manage your curls.

  9. 09 The Curly Way

    Jay, the founder of The Curly Way, is a firm believer in providing a personalized approach to each client. This mobile curly hair salon in London offers a Curly Dry Cut & Style that comes with a customized consultation and a range of product options. They also provide additional services like special care for thick hair and INOA ammonia-free color.

  10. 10 Unruly Curls

    Unruly Curls strides ahead in the landscape of curly hair salons in London. Devoted to the acclaimed Curl by Curl (Deva Cut) method, Unruly Curls assures a deeply personalized experience for every customer. The salon’s foremost agenda is to foster a unique rapport with each client, ensuring advice and haircuts tailored specifically to their individual curly hair needs.

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