Find Your Curly Hair Salon in Philadelphia

Are you looking for a curly hair salon in Philadelphia? The city of Brotherly Love, is an epicenter of diverse hair textures and hairstyles. As such, there’s an abundant number of salons dedicated to natural and curly hair. Let’s walk through the top salons specializing in these hair types that have set the bar high with their unique services, innovative techniques, and dedicated customer care.

The best curly hair salon in Philadelphia

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  1. 01 Curl Hair and Wellness

    Curl Hair and Wellness in Philadelphia is a sanctuary for those with curly hair, offering a holistic approach to hair care and wellness. This salon, staffed by skilled stylists who are experts in the nuances of curly hair, provides personalized services that cater to every curl type. Each treatment, from hydration-infused haircuts to custom curl styling, is designed to optimize the health and beauty of your curls. What sets Curl Hair and Wellness apart is its commitment to overall wellness. Recognizing the inseparable connection between personal well-being and hair health, the salon incorporates wellness practices into its services, creating a holistic experience that nourishes both the body and the curls.

  2. 02 André Richard Salon

    Andre Richard Salon, based in Philadelphia, is an esteemed institution renowned for its wide array of high-quality hair care services. With a team of industry-leading stylists trained in the latest techniques, this salon caters to a diverse clientele, offering services from precision haircuts to vibrant color treatments and specialized hair therapies. Andre Richard Salon takes pride in its personalized approach, tailoring each service to suit the individual hair type and personal style of every client. This hair salon offers Curly Hair Cuts as DevaCuts and other precision haircuts to suite curly hair needs.

  3. 03 Deeper Than Hair

    Deeper Than Hair isn’t just a curly hair salon in Philadelphia, it’s a statement. This establishment offers a plethora of services from stitch braids to curly cuts, coloring, and updos. The warm and fun ambiance makes every visit a memorable experience.

  4. 04 Fringe Salon

    Located on the 5th floor of the Bok Building in the heart of South Philadelphia, Fringe Salon not only a boutique hair salon, but also an art gallery. Fringe Salon is renowned for its innovative hair care and styling services. With a team of dedicated stylists possessing deep knowledge of diverse hair types and the latest styling techniques (DevaCurl), the salon offers a personalized experience that meets the unique needs of each client. Fringe Salon prides itself on its creative and trendy haircuts, dynamic color services (Pul Riot), and specialized treatments that ensure hair health and vitality. Its modern, welcoming atmosphere, coupled with a commitment to customer satisfaction, has established Fringe Salon ist a boutique hair salon and art gallery as a go-to destination for anyone seeking to refresh their look or indulge in a day of hair pampering.

  5. 05 Halo Curl

    Halo Curl is a standout curly hair salon in Philadelphia, catering specifically to the needs of individuals with curly hair. This salon aims to elevate the natural beauty of curls, offering tailored services that respect and enhance each client’s unique hair texture and curl pattern. Halo Curl’s team of skilled stylists are versed in the intricacies of curly hair, providing expert advice and treatment plans for healthy and vibrant curls. From hydration treatments to expert cuts and styles, each service is delivered with meticulous attention to detail, celebrating the unique ‘halo’ of curls that each client possesses.

  6. 06 Island Design Natural Hair Salon

    Renowned for its mastery in braiding and locs, Island Design Natural Hair Salon offers a versatile array of styling options. Here, each stylist weaves not just strands of hair, but also tales of beauty, intricacy, and passion.

  7. 07 Jus Roz Multicultural Hair Salon

    Jus Roz Multicultural Hair Salon is a haven for those seeking privacy along with exceptional hair care. This salon is renowned for respecting the cultural and religious significance of hair, while offering a range of color options, including the popular balayage.

  8. 08 Mayee Hair Salon in Philadelphia

    Mayee Hair Salon is a go-to spot for families and individuals alike, offering an inviting and friendly environment. Regardless of your hair texture, Mayee’s team of stylists provide affordable and high-quality services, ensuring your hair receives the care it deserves.

  9. 09 N’Bushe Natural Hair Salon

    Quality meets experience at N’Bushe Natural Hair Salon. Under the guidance of master stylist Nafeesah Nzinga Idris, this salon utilizes the Rare Organics natural hair care system, creating an unmatched service experience that keeps clients coming back for more.

  10. 10 Rasa Salon

    Rasa Salon, owned by Amber Muhammad, takes a holistic approach to hair care. This eco-friendly salon considers hair and locs as an art form. Rasa not only offers exceptional hair care but also embraces alternative wellness practices, such as reiki sessions, yoga classes, and crystal healing and LOC extensions workshops.

  11. 11 Vixens Hair Studio

    If joy and beauty had a common address, it would be Vixens Hair Studio. With its commitment to client satisfaction, Vixens offers everything from natural styles to hair extensions and coloring, all the while imparting superior hair care knowledge to its clients.

  12. 12 Wash Day in Philadelphia

    Wash Day is a curly hair salon in philadelphia, where the spotlight shines on embracing your natural beauty. Wash Day’s speciality lies in caring for curly hair of all textures, densities, and patterns. It provides an inclusive space, whether you’re embarking on your natural hair journey, recently transitioned, or have been cherishing your natural hair for years. The salon emphasizes that each client deserves the best, promoting self-love and empowering individuals to treat themselves and their hair to superior care and pampering. The salon is a haven for those seeking an escape from the hustle of life, while indulging in some much-deserved self-care.

Write a curly hair salon review and help other curlys find the right hair salon with your testimonial.

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