The Best Curly Hair Salon In Portland (Oregon)

Are you looking for a curly hair salon in Portland? The largest city in Oregon is a hotbed for diversity, and this extends to hair as well. Whether you’re looking for a trim, a new hairstyle, or expert advice on maintaining your curls, Portland is full of top-noch salons specializing in curly hair. So, without further ado, here are the top curly hair salons in Portland.

Let’s walk through the top salons specializing in these hair types that have set the bar high with their unique services, innovative techniques, and dedicated customer care.

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The best curly hair salon in Portland

  1. 01 Atoya Bass - The Curly Hair Studio

    With Curly Hair Studio in Portland, Atoya Bass has become an iconic figure in the curly hair industry. A master stylist specializing in curly and textured hair, Atoya is passionate about empowering her clients to embrace their natural hair. Her salon offers a personalized, one-on-one experience, where each client receives Atoya’s undivided attention. She has mastered the techniques of cutting to provide a haircut that truly celebrates each individual’s unique curl pattern. Atoya’s commitment extends beyond just a salon visit; she offers valuable advice on managing and maintaining curly hair, ensuring her clients are armed with the knowledge to keep their curls looking their best every day. Her expertise, coupled with her passion and dedication, makes Atoya Bass a go-to destination for curly hair care in Portland.

  2. 02 Gilded Fox

    This upscale curly hair salon in Portland offers a range of services from trendy haircuts to sophisticated color jobs, all catered towards enhancing individual style and beauty. Gilded Fox’ team of skilled stylists is known to provide personalized attention to each client’s hair needs. The modern and chic interior creates a stylish and comfortable atmosphere for their clients, making every visit a unique and pleasurable experience.

  3. 03 Haircraft By Jo

    Located in the heart of Portland, Haircraft by Jo is the passion project of master stylist, Jo. With a firm belief that every hair texture is unique, she specializes in cutting and styling curly hair with precision and artistry. Trained in advanced techniques, Jo excels at understanding the individual needs of her clients and their curls. Her salon has a warm and inviting ambiance, making each visit a delightful and personalized experience. Whether you’re seeking a major hair transformation or simply a trim, Haircraft by Jo is a great place to discover the true potential of your curls.

  4. 04 Infinite Salon

    As the name implies, Infinite Salon in Portland, Oregon, offers limitless possibilities for those seeking top-tier curly hair care. This salon prides itself on employing stylists who are expertly trained in cutting and styling curly hair, using advanced techniques such as the DevaCut. They approach each client’s hair as a unique landscape, understanding that no two heads of curls are the same. The salon’s environment is chic, modern, and welcoming, allowing clients to relax as they receive personalized care.

  5. 05 Kailia The Curl Artist

    Kailia The Curl Artist is not just a curly hairstylist in Portland. She is a dedicated curl enthusiast and educator. Working from the Sola Salon, Kailia has built a reputation for transforming curly hair and having a deep understanding of the unique behavior of different curl types.

  6. 06 Kiss Kiss Salon

    Nestled in the vibrant city of Portland, Kiss Kiss Salon is a one-stop destination for all your curly hair needs. This boutique salon stands out for its dedicated team of stylists, who have mastered the art of caring for and enhancing curly textures. They offer a broad range of services, including specialized curly cuts as DevaCut, deep conditioning treatments, and expert advice on maintaining and styling your curls. The salon exudes a fun, laid-back vibe, perfectly encapsulating the free-spirited essence of Portland. At Kiss Kiss Salon, you’re guaranteed a warm welcome, expert service, and a fabulous curly hairdo that suits your style and personality.

  7. 07 Kyla Loves Hair

    Kyla Loves Hair is a hidden gem in the Portland hair scene, known for specializing in curly and textured hair. Kyla, a hairstylist with a passion for transforming and maintaining natural curls, understands the unique needs and challenges of curly hair. She uses her expertise, using Custom Curly Cuts and Pintura Curly Color to ensure every client leaves her salon feeling empowered and beautiful.

  8. 08 MeRae's on 42nd

    An addition to Portland’s curly hair salon scene, MeRae’s Salon is quickly becoming a beloved destination for curl enthusiasts. MeRae’s stylists have dedicated their careers to mastering the art of curly hair, training extensively in a variety of techniques. Their knowledge isn’t just limited to cutting and styling – they also excel in educating their clients about their unique curl type and how to maintain and enhance it at home.

  9. 09 Moe's Beauty Co.

    Moe’s Beauty Co. in Portland has carved out a special place in the hearts of those with curly hair. The salon’s founder, Moe, has an intense passion for embracing and enhancing natural curls. The salon is renowned for its intimate, personalized approach, treating each client’s hair as a unique canvas. With a commitment to using only the finest curl-friendly products, Moe’s Beauty Co. offers services ranging from precision dry cuts tailored to the individual’s curl pattern, to hydration treatments and coloring services designed for curly hair. Moe is also dedicated to educating her clients on the best practices for maintaining their curls, ensuring they can carry the salon-quality look into their day-to-day life. Moe’s Beauty Co. has fast become a beloved part of Portland’s curly hair community.

  10. 10 Monster Locks

    Monster Locks, helmed by the passionate and talented Chris, is an extraordinary salon situated in the heart of Portland. Chris came to the U.S., bringing a European flair to his innovative hair styling. With his background as a professional cosmetologist and licensed esthetician, Chris specializes in hair painting, fashion colors, blonding, and has recently cultivated a passion for wig making and coloring. But also the cutting and care of curly hair is one of the outstanding features of the salon.
    More than just a salon, Monster Locks serves as an open space for everyone to be unabashedly themselves. The salon is a modern suite dedicated to helping people let their authenticity shine. It prides itself on being queer, LGBTQ+ and Trans friendly, creating a safe space for all patrons. Chris’s ultimate goal is not just to style hair but to empower people through self-expression and change, making Monster Locks a must-visit destination for those seeking transformation in Portland.

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