The best Curly Hair Salon in New York for Perfectly Styled Tresses

New York City is known as a hub for fashion, beauty, and style, and when it comes to curly hair, there’s no shortage of talented hairstylists who excel at creating stunning looks. Whether you’re looking for a chic curly cut, a fabulous color transformation, or expert styling advice, these ten curly hair specialists in the city will leave you with tresses that turn heads. From their expertise in working with diverse curl patterns to their dedication to maintaining healthy hair, these hairstylists have established themselves as the best in the business. Get ready to embrace your natural texture and let your curls shine!

The best hair salon in New York City

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  1. 01 Bloom Beauty Lounge

    Bloom Beauty Lounge is where individuality and curl types of all varieties are celebrated. Their services are customized for different curl types, creating an inclusive environment where every curl pattern is welcomed and appreciated.

  2. 02 Miss Rizos Salon NYC

    Knowledge is power, and at Miss Rizos Salon, this adage is embodied in their approach to curly hair care. Their commitment to educating clients on curly hair care shines through their dedicated service.

  3. 03 Rëzo Salon NYC

    In the fast-paced world of curly hair care, Rëzo Haircare brings fresh perspectives with Nubia Rëzo’s signature techniques. This new salon is quickly becoming a favorite among curly hair enthusiasts in NYC.

  4. 04 Sabine's Hallway Natural Hair Salon

    Sabine’s Hallway specializes in natural hair techniques and maintenance. They also offer skincare services, acknowledging the holistic beauty needs of their clients.

  5. 05 Amoy Couture Hair (West Village)

    Amoy Pitters, the founder of Amoy Couture Hair, is renowned for her expertise in working with curly and textured hair. With a client roster that includes celebrities and influencers, Amoy’s salon specializes in creating beautiful, low-maintenance styles that celebrate natural curls. From precision haircuts to innovative styling techniques, Amoy Couture Hair offers top-notch services for curly-haired individuals.

  6. 06 Arsen Gurgov Salon (Upper East Side)

    Arsen Gurgov Salon, led by celebrity stylist Arsen Gurgov, offers a luxurious experience for clients seeking exceptional curly hair services. With his expertise in crafting flawless cuts and glamorous hairstyles, Arsen and his team deliver results that exceed expectations. From intricate updos to red carpet-worthy styles, this salon knows how to make curls the center of attention.

  7. 07 Christo Fifth Avenue (Midtown Manhattan)

    Christo Fifth Avenue is led by Christo, a globally recognized curly hair expert. With a deep understanding of different curl patterns, he and his team create tailored looks that accentuate the beauty of each client’s unique texture. From precision cuts to curl-friendly coloring techniques, Christo’s expertise ensures stunning results.

  8. 08 City Curl Studio

    At City Curl Studio in Staten Island, they believe in the power of personal connection. Offering one-on-one consultations and customized routines, they ensure every client feels seen, heard, and valued. Not for nothing City Curl Studio is one of the most popular curly hair salons in New York.

  9. 09 Curl & Co. Hair Studio

    Located in Harlem, Curl & Co. Hair Studio specializes in natural hair maintenance, creating a nurturing environment where the health and vibrancy of your curls are prioritized.

  10. 10 Curls Are Fun by Antonio Berducci (NY)

    At Curls Are Fun by Antonio Berducci – the Curly Hair Guru, every curl is a masterpiece. Their expert cutting and styling services pay tribute to the fun, whimsical, and unique aspects of curly hair.

  11. 11 Cutler Salon (SoHo)

    Cutler Salon is a renowned name in the New York City hair industry, and their team of talented stylists is skilled in working with all hair types, including curly hair. With a focus on precision cutting and modern styling techniques, Cutler Salon delivers exceptional results for clients looking to enhance their natural curls. Whether you’re seeking a subtle trim or a bold new look, their stylists will leave you feeling confident and beautiful.

  12. 12 Devachan Salon (SoHo)

    Devachan Salon is a pioneer in the curly hair industry, renowned for their innovative “Curly Girl” method. Their stylists, known as DevaCurl specialists, work exclusively with curly hair and believe in the importance of embracing natural texture. From dry cuts to custom color and hydration treatments, Devachan Salon offers a range of services tailored to curly hair needs.

  13. 13 Filament

    Filament combines classic techniques with additional services, providing a well-rounded experience for their curly-haired clients. Their deep understanding of curly hair ensures the best possible results.

  14. 14 Fox & Jane (Lower East Side)

    Fox & Jane is a trendy salon that prides itself on providing a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for all hair types, including curly hair. Their skilled stylists take the time to understand your unique curl pattern and texture, ensuring a personalized approach to your hair care needs. From curly cuts to styling and color services, Fox & Jane stylists have the expertise to create stunning looks that complement your individual style.

  15. 15 Hair Philosophy

    Hair Philosophy is a hidden gem in New York, attracting curly-haired individuals from all over the city. Their passionate team of stylists embraces the uniqueness of every curl and focuses on creating hairstyles that suit your personality and lifestyle. With a commitment to using high-quality products and staying up-to-date with the latest trends, Hair Philosophy offers a range of services from cuts to color and styling that cater specifically to curly hair.

  16. 16 Hair Rules Salon NY

    Hair Rules Salon is dedicated to catering to the diverse range of curly hair types and textures. The team of skilled stylists, led by founder and celebrity stylist Anthony Dickey, embraces individuality and focuses on achieving healthy, manageable curls. Their personalized consultations ensure that clients receive customized hair care and styling advice.

  17. 17 Headchop Hair Studio

    Headchop Hair Studio is a haven for curly hair. They specialize in dry cutting and seamless highlights, offering transformative services that enhance the natural beauty of curls.

  18. 18 Mizu Salon (Flatiron District)

    Mizu Salon is known for its team of talented stylists who excel in working with all hair types, including curly hair. Their skilled stylists take the time to understand your curl pattern and texture, providing customized cuts, color, and styling services that enhance your natural beauty. Mizu Salon’s commitment to ongoing education ensures that their team is up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques.

  19. 19 Ouidad Salon (SoHo)

    Ouidad Salon is an iconic destination for curly hair in New York City. Their team of certified curl specialists, known as “Ouidad-certified stylists,” are experts in understanding the unique needs of curly hair. From classic curly cuts to transformative treatments like the Ouidad Carve and Slice technique, this salon offers a personalized approach to enhancing and defining your curls.

  20. 20 Spiral (x,y,z)

    With iconic techniques Spiral (x,y,z) with Lorraine Massey have become stalwarts in the curly hair community. Their commitment to excellence sets them apart.

When it comes to embracing and enhancing your natural curls, these curly hair salon in New York City are the go-to experts. From their deep understanding of different curl patterns to their dedication to maintaining healthy hair, these stylists have earned their reputation as the best in the business. Whether you’re looking for a transformative haircut, a stunning color transformation, or expert advice on styling and maintenance, these talented professionals will leave you with beautifully styled and head-turning curls. So, book an appointment with one of these curly hair specialists and get ready to embrace the beauty of your natural texture like never before.

Write a curly hair salon review and help other curlys find the right hair salon with your testimonial.

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